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Inter composer communication

Inter composer communication

All communication between other entities in the spirit world is via the Composer.  Every entity – Spirit BeingIntelligence, Disembodied soul, Bodied soul, and Higher spirit has a composer function.  To use an analogy it is as if the entire spiritual world of entities was equipped with a mobile phone. 

Thus all communication between your composer and the composers of other entities is mediated by the composers, nothing is direct.  It is also therefore strictly controlled.  The composer of another person for example, cannot read your perceptions directly – no one can read your mind.  But if you are happy to oblige and your composer [Higher spirit] feels you are in agreement with the process then the two composers can cooperate and one composer gives the other composer the information it requests.  This is how mediums work and why the picture they get is often extremely unclear.  Mediums are rarely given any more than access to your perceptions, but of course this means they always feed back things you think are true.

‘You’ the conscious you knows nothing of this. 

The diagram below shows how this communication works


Types of Inter Composer Communication

Many types of Inter Composer Communication exist and I have provided a number of sections in the concepts section to explain each type and also group the observations which come within this type.  All these observations are also shown below, but if you are interested in only one type then you should go to the subsection

  • Substance guide communication - a person communicates with the spirit  of a substance, for example, if the person has taken cannabis for example, the spirit of cannabis.  In this respect the person is communicating with a Spirit being, not an Intelligence.
    • Dowsing - is in some respects a version of substance guide communication in that the composer of a substance such as water, communicates with the composer of an intermediary substance such as a hazel stick, which in turn then communicates with our composer to indicate the presence of water [or oil or gold etc] in places which cannot physically seen.
    • Psychometry  - is the ability to read the perceptions of an object.  The object is then also the bridge.  In effect, by using objects such as clothes, rings, pots, necklaces, figurines etc it becomes possible to tap in to imprinted perceptions.  It is a form of inter composer communication, but it is a highly special one, as to be able to read the perceptions of an inanimate object you are using the composer of the substance as a whole. As such this is in some senses a form of Substance guide communication, but it is not direct in any way - you never actually communicate with the composer directly
  •  Communication with disembodied souls - a person communicates with the spirit or soul of an entity without physical existence, but which is not an Intelligence or Spirit being, in other words it is an instance of a type of thing such as the person's dead granny.  Much communication with disembodied souls appears to take place with the newly dead, but you will be able to see this from the observations.
    • Possession - some forms of possession are by disembodied souls, souls who have died but do not wish to move on, but thirst after physical existence. 
    Communication with a bodied soul - a person communicates with the soul of a physically existent animal or person [or other living thing].  Note that remote viewing and summoning are essentially sub-types of this activity, but have been separated out for ease of reference.
    • Summoning - one person communicates via the composers of a number of other people, or animals to bring them to them.  The Pied Piper used summoning.  Summoning is a subcategory of the communication with bodied souls
    • Remote viewing - some sorts of remote viewing are only being achieved via inter composer communication with a person who is at the remote site.  The person who is doing the remote viewing is 'seeing through the eyes' of the other person.
    • Possession - some forms of possession are by a living person who is having an uncontrolled out of body experience
  • Communication with a Spirit helper - a person communicates with the Higher spirit of an entity which has no physical existence and which furthermore has been divested of all 'soul' type functions, thus reduced to a Higher spirit plus perceptions, but then given additional function that makes them suited to being a helper.  These are the 'gods' of old with which communication was sometimes made, although it is possible to have living 'gods'
  • Communication with an Intelligence - a person communicates with an Intelligence as opposed to a Spirit being.  Intelligences are part of the Celestial hierarchy, Spirit beings are part of the Terrestrial hierarchy.  To communicate with a Spirit being one normally forms a bridge by ingestion or similar.  To communicate with an Intelligence, requires no bridge and is far more rare.

The Good and the Bad of Inter Composer Communication

Inter composer communication can be for good or not.  At one time some people made quite a lot of money by claiming to be able to reach the departed souls of loved children or parents.  They would perhaps home in on some characteristic of the dead person thus giving themselves an air of authority and authenticity.  Using the poor grief stricken subjects perceptions,  they would trawl through bringing out information on the dead soul and using it to concoct some story that would convince the person the medium was talking to the soul.

‘I can see them now, aah they’re waving a pair of red gloves at you’
‘Oh yes yes, they used to wear the red gloves to work’
‘And they are saying something like toodle pip see you later’
‘oh yes yes, they would always say that when they left for the office’

All from our perceptions and made more emotional for us because the medium will only extract perceptions laden with emotion – ones we will be able to recall.

Lots of people have been duped this way.
Not nice.

But the positive side is that mediums are very useful in crime solving and in finding lost things like keys and wills.  They usually use a bridge [an object used by the person] to help them access perceptions and the more gifted and genuine are able to use the clothes for example of murdered people and access their perceptions before they died – giving the police a clear view of the murderer.

So you win some and you lose some.  The good and the bad.

This is how some [not all] remote viewing works too.  It is also how some magicians work.  It can also be experienced at a less conscious level as intuition about people.


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