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Jane Sherwood’s daughter has a prophetic dream of two birds



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Patterns of Prophecy – Alan Vaughan

The British sensitive Jane Sherwood cites a humorous example of her daughter's reaction to the fulfillment of a prophetic dream:

My little daughter, aged six, was joyfully anticipating her birthday. No doubt her mind was full of the possibility of parcels containing toys, dolls and sweets, the natural kind of birthday present which the postman might be expected to bring on the happy morning.

Two nights before her birthday she dreamed that she had a parcel from her grandmother and that when she opened it there were two lovely birds inside. She was delighted with her dream and insisted on telling us every detail. I listened to the rambling recital of this dream over the breakfast table, and not being particularly interested in the subject of dreams at that time should have thought no more about it but for the sequel.

For the great morning came, the postman staggered up with a load of parcels and among them was a box-shaped package from her grandmother in the country.

My daughter had apparently forgotten her dream and began speculating on its contents: a doll? No, parcel too short for that; a game? No, it didn't rattle; and finally, "I expect it's only clothes," she said with resignation.

But the wrappings disclosed a plump partridge and a note explaining that as she had been ill, her granny thought this would help to make her better. It was a joint present from her granny and her uncle, for the latter had shot it and she had dressed it.

The child considered it in silence and then said, "It ought to have been two." Then she turned to other matters and made no more reference to her dream.

Two birds in the dream; it was of course two gifts in one, and this being too subtle a thing for the child-mind to record had been symbolized in the dream as two birds

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