Observations introduction


An observation is an example of a spiritual experience having been obtained. Each observation is given a unique number and cross referenced by this, as well as  a name. All observations are listed alphabetically in Overview AZ.

The content of each observation has the following information:

Type of spiritual experience

There are certain types of spiritual experience which a person may receive. This classification has been provided so that you can find all the observations of a certain type. See next chapter for a full list and links to descriptions and listed observations for each type.


Any background contextual information related to the observation.  So, for example, if the person had an experience through grief, what event in their lives occasioned them to experience this grief.

A description of the experience

This description is taken word for word from the source.  It is only edited when sentences are included that are nothing to do with the observation.  Where this occurs the text will use a series of dots to indicate text removed.  Where the text is unclear as to whom or what is being referenced, a clearer name will be placed in enclosed brackets. For example:

Today was one of the most amazing times of my life ……………  I saw [the man from the moon] descend in a blue arc together  with [the lady in the lamp].

The source of the experience

The person who had the experience.  See Source.


The vast majority of observations are symbolic.  This is true whether it is the result of inspiration and thus depicted as a painting picture or poem, or is a direct vision.  This list provides you with a link to the meaning of the symbols.  So, for example, if you see a wall or a castle, it tells you what a castle means in the spirit world.  Our spirit helpers use a common language of symbols so in general you will find the symbols always have the same meaning.  This section  may also provide you with a link to other concepts such as a scientific concept or spiritual concept where I think it may help you understand the meaning of what the person has experienced.  


The activities that caused the experience, for example, childbirth, or bungee jumping.  It is possible that the person was doing several things that combined together to produce the experience, so for example suffering from hypothermia, climbing high mountains and frenetic activity, each activity is listed.

You can find out more details about these activities by following the link which will take you to the detailed description of the activity.

References and further reading

Any books, websites or other sources that are recommended for further study or from which information in this section was obtained.