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Ordinary person

Category: Ordinary person

Michael Parkes - Rain

A catch all category used to describe people whose occupation is unknown and largely irrelevant to the context of the observation and who are also reliable because their description was found in books written by qualified researchers or on websites where they have no axe to grind or money to make from describing the experience. 

This category excludes all people I know, whose descriptions are covered by the term Observer 771.

It also excludes all people described in PubMed papers - these observations are listed under the PubMed section.

And it also excludes all the ordinary lads and lasses whose observations were found via EROWID, the EROWID section lists these.  And those posted on the Bluelight forum

And all data derived from eHealthme is also excluded even though the data is derived from Adverse health Reports pertaining to ordinary people.  Only the number of [usually] hallucinations is provided in the observation, but most are listed under eHealthme.

The last group found listed under a different source are those who posted problems on the Wisegeek site.



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