In general although the spirituality in a mystic may have been awakened as a result of some overload event, the subsequent progress of the mystic along the spiritual path is achieved via suppression techniques, not overload techniques. 


  • Reject religious hierarchy and the idea that the spiritual world can only be approached via a priest or some institution. 
  • Are ‘lone voyagers’ – often that is their hallmark – a mystic has no need to belong to a group, nor does he/she want to be part of a group
  • Strive for direct individual awareness of the spiritual world.  For me the very attraction of the mystic over the theologian is that he/she speaks from personal knowledge
  • Aim for lives devoid of materialism, greed, corruption etc
  • Have few religious ceremonies or rituals - if any
  • Do not use churches or religious buildings for meetings [if they meet at all]. 
  • Believe that it is up to the individual to achieve spiritual growth, each has their own path and their own route to spirituality, each must follow their own path.  By definition, a mystic thus follows the spiritual path.
  • Believe everyone and everything  is equal – women, children, gay, black, white, dogs, cats etc
  • Believe it is possible to attain nirvana and annihilation in this life.

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