Books, sutras and myths

Books, sutras and myths

‘Dreaming of a white Christmas’ by the author

A number of very ancient books that are a compilation of spiritual experience do not specifically describe who had the experience, but instead simply compile the experiences and wisdom received.  Occasionally we may be told a name, but the name conveys nothing of who they were or even whether the name is simply a pseudonym.  The word Sūtra is used to describe this sort of book in Hinduism or Buddhism.

A Myth is a story incorporating symbols.  Myths too are found in books but are not direct compilations of spiritual experience. 

When religions were first developed, they were passed from teacher to disciple and from teacher to teacher by word of mouth.  It is exceptionally difficult to remember complex information, simply as a list of information or symbols. What evolved to help with memory is the use of stories – myths, parables, legends and so on.

Fairy stories, legends, and many well known tales such as those about Arthur and the Holy Grail, Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty and even Little Red Riding Hood have a spiritual origin and a spiritual meaning but they are not necessarily descriptions of spiritual experience.  But we can derive a lot of information about symbols and their meaning from them.

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