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Artist and sculptor

Artist and sculptor

Painting in Umbria by author

A large number of spiritual experiences are ‘seen’ as visions, hallucinations and dreams all of which are pictorial. Inspiration often comes in pictorial form. Thus one of the best categories of people to show us what the spiritual world looks like is the artist or sculptor. The people I have chosen in this list are those with a known record for obtaining spiritual experiences and with an ability to represent it. I have classified their experiences generally under the heading of ‘inspiration’, because a gifted artist interprets what he or she sees.

We tend to think of art as being the paintings the western world produces using oil or acrylics and canvas, but I found that the rock art and cave paintings of Native American Indians, Aboriginal Australians, Neolithic and Palaeolithic tribes in Europe and so on were an exceptionally useful source. These provide an essential observational record - rock art often directly records shamanic experience.

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