Other spiritually gifted people

Other spiritually gifted people


The area of claimed spiritual ability is fraught with problems.  As a consequence, we have tried to avoid all people who make money from having or claiming to have telepathic, mediumship, channelling or psychic ability.

But there are cases of spiritually gifted people who deserve to be on the site because their motivation is not money making, their principle motivation is to help further understanding of this area of human ability.  And very often their abilities cover all of the above plus other far more advanced skills such as remote viewing, exploring group perception and levitation.

It is simpler to call these people spiritually gifted as none of the very restrictive classifications described above cover these people.  It is not unknown for their abilities to appear when they are totally in a trance condition.  As such they not only do not know what happened whilst any phenomena are being exhibited, they are also not in control of what happens. 

D D Home levitated out of a third floor window in a trance condition, but his witnesses were told not to tell him it had happened in case it frightened him. 

These people are generally being ‘used’, and the term used for the controlling entity is the ‘control’.  Under trance these people are technically ‘possessed’ and they have to maintain an extraordinarily high level of moral and mental purity in order that they are not possessed by evil entities.  Although the possessing entities have names it is rarely clear what or who they are, despite the often manufactured stories attached to them.

Many of these people have been extensively researched by unbiased observers – often eminent scientists, and we have concentrated on these in particular and included the research results.

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