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Man crushed by a racehorse has OBE



Type of Spiritual Experience


I think the 'voice' he heard was his Higher spirit, so I have also classified the experience as ecstasy.

I have also included the man mentionned at the end of  this description who had an OBE from a cardiac arrest

A description of the experience

The Wisdom of Near-Death Experiences – Dr Penny Sartori

The following example of an OBE was sent to me in response to a newspaper article I wrote:

I was most interested in your article and believe that this field needs more research. Twenty years ago I was galloping a racehorse, on my own on top of a mountain when he lost his footing, the bridle snapped and we went headlong into the ground, with a ton of racehorse doing 30 miles an hour rolling over me. I woke up some two hours later with rain gently falling, looking down on myself. My crash helmet was smashed and someone told me that I would be alright but that I needed to get up as it wasn't time for me to go as I was still needed by my daughter.

I had a feeling, that I was ‘halfway to heaven’, watching from above with a voice talking to me.

I watched from this hovering position as my body raised itself and started to walk off the mountain and down a steep stony forestry track (some two miles). When I reached the forestry car park a man came to my body and helped me into his car and drove towards the main road. I was now hovering above the car as it approached my friend, who stopped the car; they transferred my body into her car and she drove me to the hospital, her husband ran up the mountain to recover the horse.

I was examined by a doctor in the hospital but I was actually above the bed watching. They x-rayed my head and told my friend to take me home, this she refused to do. I was hovering above her telling her to get another doctor. Another doctor arrived and I was wheeled into a small theatre and they undertook a thoracotomy on my collapsed lungs.

As I drew my first breath I went back into my body and felt pain for the first time, some three and a half hours after the accident.

The next day my consultant also diagnosed a crushed left leg as well as my fractured ribs, severe concussion, etc. she was enthralled with my story as it should have been impossible for me to even stand up, never mind walk - she likened my injuries to someone who had had a tractor roll over them.

It was a life-changing experience, I have always felt a better person for it - there is without doubt a greater power. Some ten years later I was in a GP’s surgery waiting for my father's repeat prescription when a man, someone that I had never met before, sat down beside me.

He turned to me and said that he had had an out-of-body experience recently when he had a massive heart attack and now recognized someone like me who had also experienced it. It was quite something as he also felt that he had an aura around him, like me - and that it had made him a much better person. Good luck with your research, if I can help in anyway, please let me know.

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