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John Ogle - Sees his dead friend



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From Death Bed Visions – Sir William Barrett

My brother, John Alkin Ogle, died at Leeds, July 17th, 1879.

About an hour before he expired he saw our brother - who had died about sixteen years before - and John, looking up with fixed interest said

'Joe ! Joe ! ' and immediately after exclaimed  with surprise, ‘George Hanley ! ‘

My mother, who had come from Melbourne, a distance of about forty miles, where George Hanley resided was astonished at this, and said

‘How strange he should see George Hanley; he died only ten days ago.'

Then turning to my sister-in-law she asked if anybody had told John of George Hanley’s death; she said 'No one.’

My mother was the only person present who was aware of the fact

 (Signed) Harriet H Ogle

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