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This is from a forum for manic depressives who tend to have visions or hallucinations anyway, but also get them during the manic phase when they can’t sleep ………

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I have had lots of extended periods of no sleep - they tell me to go to the hospital when I am awake for more than 3 days, but I wait until 4 or 5, and they watch me for 3 or 4 days until I go to sleep; because I just blow through the medications that are supposed to make me sleep - to include benzodiazepines, Thorazine or Haloperidol.

There were just couple of times, when I had auditory hallucinations. I knew was having them; because hearing a radio in your head, music and even commercials, did not make sense. Once in the hospital, I was reading, doing a jigsaw puzzle, watching TV and listening to the radio in my head, and the psychiatrist asked me to go to a conference room. When I went in the room, he asked me if I was moving my head because of the medication, and I told him no, just to the music I was hearing. He asked me why I didn't mention it earlier, and I told him that no one had asked. Ooooops...

Hallucinations don't happen to me frequently. Once a General Practitioner told me "you realize that you are going to be having hallucinations soon" (I had only been up 7 days), and I told her "No, I am not".

 She then told me that the Visions that Indians (Native Americans for the politically correct) stayed up and starved themselves for three days, were just hallucinations, and that I probably wouldn't even remember the conversation we were having.

 After the 12th day of being awake, I was finally able to go to sleep for five hours, and the next day I again slept for about the same amount of time. So I was released; it helped that I worked at the hospital. About a week later, I pulled the GP aside and talked to her about the conversation that I wasn't supposed to remember. I told her that everyone is different, but when dealing with someone in a manic state, their brain is working differently and standard rules can't be applied. She spoke with me a couple of days later, and actually apologized as she had spoken with a couple of psychiatrists who told her I was right. Duh, I have only been living with this condition for 23 years

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