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I saw a fast-moving 'Will 'o the Wisp' appear to leave her body



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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

I am in no way 'fey' but extremely down to earth, and despite having witnessed many deaths during the course of my work as a nurse (latterly in a hospice), I have never before witnessed any kind of apparition, and indeed, have a fear of doing so. At the time, that was the very last thing on my mind. I was standing right next to her head, viewing from the side, and more or less as she stopped breathing (hard to be precise) I saw a fast-moving 'Will 'o the Wisp' appear to leave her body by the side of her mouth on the right. The shock and the beauty of it made me gasp.

It appeared like a fluid or gaseous diamond, pristine, sparkly and pure, akin to the view from above an eddy in the clearest pool you can imagine. Or like a clear heat haze. It was made up of two slightly thicker parts linked, by a thinner piece in the middle, and it moved rapidly upwards and was gone.

Well, that is the bare bones of what I saw. I could talk more of the impact this has had on my life, the emotional aspects, and the comfort it has given me.

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