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Flores Historiarum - 4 November 1322, Uxbndge, England - A pillar with a red flame



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As quoted in Wonders In The Sky - Unexplained Aerial Objects From Antiquity To Modern Times - and Their Impact on Human Culture, History, and Beliefs - Jacques Vallee and Chris Aubeck

"In the first hour of the night there was seen in the sky over Uxbridge a pillar of fire the size of a small boat, pallid, and livid in color. It rose from the south, crossed the sky with a slow and grave motion, and went north. Out of the front of the pillar, a fervent red flame burst forth with great beams of light. Its speed increased, and it flew thro' the air... Many beholders saw it in collision, and there came blows as of a fearful combat, and sounds of crashes were heard at a distance." We note that an object moving with a "slow and grave motion" could have been neither a comet nor a meteor.

Source: Flores Historiarum attributed to Robert of Reading, Rerum Brittannicarum Medii Aevi Scriptores 95, v. 3: 210-211.

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