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The room was suddenly filled with the sound of on organ playing and voices singing a hymn



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A Casebook of Otherworldly Music – D Scott Rogo

The short experience written by Mrs. A. C. F. ( Hants, Great Britain) was printed in the Psychic News, August 6, 1966:

 My brother was lying desperately ill in a North London hospital last year. His wife, my other brother, and I stayed all night in-the waiting room expecting an urgent summons to the ward at any moment.

My sister-in-law slept on the bed completely exhausted, my brother and I sat whispering to one another through the night.

At about 3:14 a.m. a single bird started to chirp in the darkness outside the window. We both left our chairs and went to look out. We could see nothing.

As we walked to our chairs, the room was suddenly filled with the sound of on organ playing and voices singing a hymn. I remarked on the loudness of the “nurses' services" at such an hour in the morning. It was not until several hours later that I realized that the chapel where we had prayed in the day had only a piano and no organ.

My brother passed on the next day. I believe I had an impression from the Spirit World and that the voices I heard belonged to those on the other side who also loved him and who had come to help him make the transition.

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