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Monsieur Buchberger, Councilor of Justice at Graz-Rueherlberg dreams the death of his servant



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Flammarion, C., Carroll, L, - Death and its mystery: before death

269 death and its mystery


Monsieur Buchberger, Councillor of Justice, chanced to be at Obermais. One morning at about five o’ clock he had a dream, which showed him his house at Olmutz and his servant, her clothes on fire, upon which a stream of water was directed, Next he saw the body of the unfortunate woman, whose skin was still quite white, and then he awoke.

A short time afterward Monsieur Buchberger returned home and when he had reached the house his wife told him that their servant had died as a result of burns. On the same day that he had had his dream, but at ten o'clock in the morning, as she was warming some varnish, it had caught fire and had set fire to the servant's clothes.

They had caught her as she ran about the room, flung her to the ground, and succeeded in putting out the fire with water; then she had been taken to a hospital where a few days later she had died.

The account is signed by Monsieur Buchberger, Councilor of Justice at Graz-Rueherlberg.

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