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Diane Snellings and the healing ghost of Castle Rising



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Castle Rising is in Norfolk UK

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from the Norman Fahy website on Castle Rising, dowsing and other interesting pursuits

Hi Norm,

I grew up in North Runcton about 10-12 miles from Castle Rising. My parents were in the process of selling the family home this summer and I wanted to visit my childhood home before it was sold.
I was not in the greatest of health to make a trip from Butte, Montana to England. I had suffered health problems which I had been treated for. My body had reacted to the medication and left me with panic attacks. This is a terrible way to live; my only saving grace was that the panic attacks were timely at 11.30am every day. To cut a long story short, the medication mistake was caught and corrected, but my mind continued to re-enact the panic attacks.

Thursday 27, two days prior to my visit to the castle I had decided to put the tranquilizers down that I had been taking daily to help minimize the sense of anxiety. I knew the attacks were in my head and I had to overcome the problem because it was taking charge of my life. Although it was a real struggle I had made it through to Saturday using the strength of mind over matter.

I have visited Castle Rising many, many times over the years, not only during my time living in England, but also bringing American guests over to visit my home country. I feel the castle is a great place to spend time visiting and a fine standing example of our history.

Saturday 29th May my friend Chris and I decided to visit Castle Rising Castle. Chris is a police officer and this was his first time in England, it was a perfect summer day for a visit. We had a basic digital camera (Fujifilm 8.2 megapixels) with us being an off-the-shelf purchase from Wal-Mart in Butte, Montana.

On arriving at Castle Rising on the Saturday afternoon, we stopped at the gift shop, bought our entry tickets and walked through the castle gates into the grounds. On entering the castle we walked up the stairs which lead into the first chamber, we then walked around to the old kitchen area and spent time looking at the main hall. We started to walk back from the kitchen area toward the spiral stairway leading to the White Room. For some reason I did not really want to climb the stairs. I did not see, hear or smell anything. I just thought “I really don’t  want to go up there.”

Eventually, I did climb the stairs and just as I was turning to the left to enter the doorway to the White Room I saw a dark shadow come pass my left side. As it did, I felt the hand of a man brush me aside; it was a heavy, forceful touch which I felt for sometime after.
I continued to walk into the room which seemed crowded. The electrical field in that room was uncomfortably heavy and strong. Its vibrations forced me to retreat to the open air.

Before leaving we went back to the gift shop, where I met you Norm. Do you remember I said "Is that upper chamber haunted, because if it is, they are home and I feel I’d just met them." I went on to tell you I had just felt the touch of a man’s hand down the left side of my body.
You shared your photos of the orbs taken inside the castle.
On seeing the photos my friend Chris said he was heading back into the keep. He was fascinated. I told him I was going back to the car!

I walked out of the gift shop door and stopped. I looked over at the castle with the Howard flag waving gently in the late afternoon breeze. As I stood looking at the flag it suddenly came over me that I was more frightened by the phenomena I had just encountered in the castle than I was of the panic attacks. I have many experiences of encountering what I describe as the other-side, but the medieval period has always scared me and what could be in Castle Rising Castle really scared me.

It became apparent to me that this was exactly what I had been looking for. I wanted to show my mind what kind of force I needed to overcome the panic attacks. I decided to head back to the castle, I knew the ghosts were home and I needed to go and meet them.
As I walked up the spiral stairway I could hardly catch my breath. Chris was already up there. I stood in the doorway of the chamber where I had seen the shadow and where the man’s hand had touched my side. I sent Chris down the corridor to take some photos.

As I stood there waiting for Chris to master the camera controls, I could feel the heavy weight of a presence. The air seemed low in oxygen and the atmosphere seemed like an electric pulse which appeared cloudy and fizzy to my naked eye. I was becoming impatient with Chris who could not get the camera to operate properly and I felt as though I was being smothered. My breathing pattern was drawn and labored.

You have seen the four photos all taken inside the space of one minute. There is much speculation regarding these pictures.

The next day I noticed the most awful smell of burnt metal, everywhere I went, the smell went also. It was during the early part of that evening when I put the back of my hand up to wipe the side of my face; oh my goodness, the smell was coming from the bracelet. I quickly took it off but could still smell the odor on my arm which soon dissipated. The bracelet showed signs of tarnish on the two joins and a large area on one side. I was unable to wear the bracelet from that point on, it reminded me of a battery being charged - the metallic smell was dreadful.

Last Tuesday 28, July I had an appointment with Kathleen Johns a psychic medium based in Bozeman (www.kathleenjohns.com), she also has photos of orbs which are amazing.
When I arrived, the first thing she said was “I had a message about the castle last night.” She did not touch the bracelet but examined it on a stool. She said the vibrations from the bracelet were very strong.

Kathleen started to talk about the castle. She said that prior to the castle there was a lot of unrest on the land. Fighting, burnings, she said it was once a terrible area to be in. She could see a church/chapel being built before the castle. She said the castle had been used as a sanctuary/hospital or retreat of some kind. She could see many herbs grown in and around the castle which were used for healing. She talked of a monk/healing man who had taken on the interest of healing with these herbs that were grown. He was way ahead of his time with healing techniques and many people came to him for help. There were many, many babies born in the castle. This man of healing, who she believes to be a monk would help the nuns who had become pregnant by delivering their illegitimate babies. The babies were taken care of, no harm came to them. Kathleen said this was the man who placed the blessing or energy into my bracelet.

My question to Kathleen was. Did I happen to walk into something or was this given to me. She said it was given to me, for me. I have not had another panic attack since this experience.
Kathleen also referred to a lady who looks endlessly out of the window, she was waiting for her husband or lover to return from war around the 1400s but he never returned. She is still waiting.

Diane Snellings

In answer to Patrick Firth’s questions;
The bracelet was new. It was purchased May 8, 2009 from Keenan Jewelers in Butte, Montana. It is 80% brass and 20% 14 kt gold overlay.

I am a creature of habit and was not wearing any substances which I would not normally apply to my skin.

I have worn the bracelet all the time and to my knowledge it was never wiped or submerged in any unusual solution. Also, I do not take iron tablets.


Please do one thing for me. Next time the monk is close to you, tell him I thank him very much and that I will return to the castle one day to thank him myself. Let him know that what he did was very special and I will never forget.

Hi Norm,
The story looks great. You may also want to add, if you feel it necessary, that I have never traveled to Castle Rising and had no prior knowledge of this castle.
Can't wait to see the photo.
Kathleen Johns

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