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He stood at the end of my bed, just smiling at me



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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

Kath McMahon:

My father was in hospital, and it was in the middle of the night. At the time of his death, around 3 a.m., he visited me and woke me from my sleep. He stood at the end of my bed, just smiling at me and looking down on me. It was the most wonderful and beautiful experience I have ever had; no words were exchanged. I can remember feeling incredibly content and happy, and I drifted back off to sleep in a state of euphoria. The next morning I got up and did my usual chores, forgetting all about the events of the previous night, and then the phone rang. I knew it was my mother, and before she could say anything I informed her that my father had died last night. She was amazed at my experience.


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