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Sparkles: from the ‘Sights unseen paranormal blog’

I've run across several reports of "sparkles" as a paranormal phenomena. Basically, these are what I can only describe as what looks like "tinfoil confetti" that appears in the air for less then a second, usually followed by some other sort of possible paranormal activity, e.g. EVPs [Electronic Voice Phenomena, unexplained voices], the sighting of an apparition……

Of course, I figured this was a common visual/photographic anomaly--an artifact of perception--that was simply the eye being tricked. For example, the strobe from a camera flash lighting up dust particles in the air that happened to correspond with other paranormal activity going on at the same time.

That is, until I experienced an UED for myself at a famous [unnamed] New England inn, and was able to rule out the above as a debunking explanation as I wasn't taking a photograph at the time it occurred. Subsequently, I had the distinct feeling something materialized and I recorded a class A EVP on two different audio sources simultaneously.

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