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Her husband's communication the night after he had died



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Love is the Link – Dr Pamela Kircher

One woman told the story of her husband's communication the night after he had died. He was elderly and quite debilitated at the time of his death from a long battle with cancer. The night after he died, she had the very strong impression that he was lying down in bed with her and holding her. In that experience, he was no longer the sick old man that she remembered, but the young man that she had married. She was clear that this felt very different than a dream.

Over the next two years, she found it very difficult to begin her life as a single woman. She found herself constantly thinking of him and not really paying attention to this world or trying to form any relationships.

At the time that we talked, some two years after her husband's death, she had recently had a very disturbing vision. She had "seen" him in heaven looking happy and healthy with other companions.

In this "dream," he seemed to know that she was there, but was not paying any attention to her. She felt sad for several days after the dream. I felt that she was being supported "from the other side" in the very appropriate direction of getting on with her life on Earth instead of merely waiting to join her deceased husband.

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