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Brian Gard - Accidental ingestion of poisonous mushroom in the Central Idaho Wilderness



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I accidentally ate a very potent mushroom in the Central Idaho Wilderness August 23rd, 2013, I have eaten wild mushrooms for 30 years and 'tested' this little bright yellow mushroom, it tasted good and 2 hours later I ate two full handfuls.   The description provided in this video in its last 3 minutes is exactly what I experienced, I went to sleep, dreamed lucidly, when I came to 12 hours later I was euphoric, but injured, I took my 11 year old son and 68 year old friend to wrestle, restrain, and try to keep me down,  I was air lifted by a Black Hawk Helicopter of the 101st Airbourne of Air National Guard out of Boise Idaho to Salmon Steele Memorial Hospital where I remained for 2 days, the intense euphoria lasted 4 days, I hallucinated for 2 days, it took 9 days before I felt it was mostly gone,    Physical injuries incurred from by combative thrashing around and my son and friend trying to restrain me lasted 3 months.   I do think permanent change has occurred in my outlook and attitude - for the better, I am more open minded and less inclined to be judgmental.    I am an athiest, have been for more than 45 years, but I sat on Jesus lap., talked to God, was confronted by the Devil and his 6 'Lieutenants' who came to destroy me, but alas God summoned Muhammad Ali, 'Smokin' Joe Frazer and George Foreman all in their prime of life to deal with the Devil and his 6 assassins.  ................
Sounds impossible, but it all happened.    I ate the mushroom to add nutitrition to our dry backpack fare, not to get high, it resulted in the strangest experience I could ever imagine.



That is an intense story man.

TuBFMagier JudgeGrady

and then? very interesting!

Rain Rankin

Wow, who would have know that some mushrooms could dramatically change some ones life.

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Amanita muscaria