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Sean W, Delaware - Affirmations and taken to the Light



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The following observation is an out of body experience, many of the traditional signs are present – the vibrations, thr strange sounds, the loss of the sense of the physical self and the fact he has practised for some time – which you need to do – using relaxation and affirmations combined

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William Buhlman  - The Secret of the Soul

Sean W Delaware

For a few years I have had out-of-body experiences but wanted to take it further. I was reading about the higher-self experience and decided to focus on it as a personal goal. Every night as I go to sleep I repeat affirmations like

 “Now I'm out of body and I remain aware”

Sometimes nothing happens, and sometimes powerful sounds and energy sensations awaken me.  I never know what to expect.

One time I felt the vibrations and surrendered to the energy flowing through me. I focused my attention on the window and began to feel myself floating upward.  What happened next was incredible.

Faster than I could imagine, I found myself being pulled through level after level of living colour and light.  When the motion slowed, I asked for clarity and was overwhelmed by the absolute energy I felt, within and around me. I could see 360 degrees of an infinite light, and yet it wasn't the physical me that was experiencing this. It was as though I suddenly knew everything about everything and was totally in a peaceful, loving place.

When I came back to my physical body, I knew that my life would never be the same.

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