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Near death on Cough syrup



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Near death experience – from http://www.wirenot.net/forums

 Hello I just registered on here. I needed to talk about the experience I had recently Friday night on August 7th. Its just me wanting to talk about it, no questions. I hope I wont get judge by it either but at least I know in my soul this really happened.
That night I was with my boyfriend and a couple of his friends. Being bored and stupid teenagers on a Friday night with my parents out of town, we wanted something to do. Well most people want to experience a high like from marijuana or a trip like salvia or shrooms. I had a problem with popping pills so experiencing a high was what I wanted to feel but mostly a trip. I never felt a trip before. Getting shrooms was a hard thing to get and salvia was too. But one of my boyfriends friends suggested this certain cough syrup. If you take too much of it. You will get a trip because of the type of hallucinogen in the medicine. We all picked up the big bottle of cough syrup came back to my house and they left. My boyfriend was afraid of me doing it and he wanted to be there to take care of me and make sure nothing bad happens. I chugged the whole bottle. I then experienced a drug over dose a few hours in my trip. My boyfriend kept telling me I was ice cold and not looking to good. But whats weird is I felt hot and I felt my skin it felt hot like I had a fever. He laid me in my bed and he laid next to me. Making sure I was drinking water and making sure I was okay because he was a nervous wreck I was overdosing.
He fell asleep next to me and I tried to sleep too. But when I was trying to dose off I couldn't move and I felt like I wasn't in my body anymore. Everything went black and then I saw a tunnel. Like a tunnel of clouds and everything was a bluishgreen haze. There was clouds all around me and I felt myself going up with no control and I heard in my head a heart beat which had to be mine slowing down really really slow and I felt my chest caving in like I'm not breathing. But the thing was there was no pain of not being able to breathe, like your holding your breath it hurts, But this It didn't hurt. As I heard my heartbeat ending I saw my life flash before my eyes. From my childhood growing up in Wisconsin, moving to Florida, all my family, and the people I met. It all fast forward to the present and it was all good memory's and very detailed and very fast. Then it showed the future of what happened if I left. I saw my mom in my local church that I attend and she was dressed in black on the floor crying and in so much sorrow and my dad holding her. I didn't see anyone else but them, they were the main focus. Then it stopped and I noticed I was further in the tunnel and I was still going. I saw dove wings flying in and out of the clouds. Souls... Like birds. Many of them... Soaring in and out of the tunnel walls thick with clouds. I just saw big wings... Then there was a light at the end. SO Bright, Brighter than the sun and brighter than anything you could ever think of. But it didn't hurt your eyes like the sun does. It didn't blind you... It was peaceful and welcoming. And I never ever felt a rush of peace and so much love in my life time. Unconditional love that you can not explain. Just the feeling makes your soul feel joy. As I saw the light and I was going closer to it. Like a magnet I couldn't stop..... ………. I then stopped after feeling so drunken into the peaceful surroundings. I finally had the power to say No. I kept saying no no no no no and I was screaming so he could hear me. I kept saying Its not my time yet, im not ready yet. not yet nonononono no. Please no, not yet. Its not my time, im not ready to go yet. Then I felt like a rush of understandability and happiness of my choice to go back and finish whatever I needed to finish in life. Like he agreed and smiled. I felt it, couldn't see it but I knew exactly what he was doing. ……… I heard a silent trumpet or something like he called for someone. Then a big winged angel swooped through and landed right in front of me. I stopped moving through the tunnel and she was just floating there. She was very pale and she had the most big gorgeous feathered wings. Like dove wings. But huge that went over her shoulders down to her ankles. They were so soft and beautiful I'm not going to lie I wanted to touch her wing to see what it felt like. I kept looking at her, seeing she was holding a light blue-gray sheet that she held up covering herself, her bust and all. And her head was looking down toward my right. I was too amazed on the beauty of her. She was the most beautiful thing I have ever seen in my lifetime. ………. She then looked real fast at me without moving the position of her head. Staring right into my eyes and soul I could feel her. Looking at her pale blue colored eyes I felt a vibe a strong one like I got pushed. Pushed so hard that I felt like I fell down. Her look she gave me was her pushing me back down the tunnel and into the world again. It went dark and I heard my heart beat again and it was really fast. I then realized I was back in my body again and I shot up and breathed in a gasp of air. Like I just came out of the water holding my breath for awhile. I felt for my boyfriend and he was silently sleeping, I made out the light from the morning through my window. I felt so weak and I couldn't move much….. I'm not crazy, that was not a trip, that was not a dream. It was something I never experienced ever in my lifetime.
I'm glad I did, I feel like a different person now. Even better person, I have more peace in my soul and love…. Knowing where I'm for certain going when I do pass. I also have no fear of death. Before I wanted to stay here for a long time and live. But now I feel like when its my time to go, its my time. I'm not going to be afraid of that and I'm actually thankful of it. That I know I'm going to a peaceful place. I also feel a difference about death. Death isn't really death. Your still you, and you are still there all together. But just going to a better life and peaceful one.

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