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Opening Heavens Door - Patricia Pearson

When Beverly Brodsky was twenty, she lost half the skin on her face in a traumatizing motorcycle accident. Deeply despondent, still grieving the death of her father as well, she offered up a bitter prayer to a God she didn't believe in to just let her life end.

"The pain was unbearable," she wrote, "no man would ever love me; there was, for me, no reason to continue living."

As she lay face down on her bed in a rented apartment in Los Angeles, "somehow, an unexpected peace descended upon me. I found myself floating on the ceiling over the bed . . . I barely had time to realize the glorious strangeness of the situation- that I was me but not in my body-when I was joined by a radiant being bathed in a shimmering white glow."

She accompanied this being "traveling a long distance upward toward the light. . . . Within it I sensed an all-pervading intelligence, wisdom, compassion, love, and truth; there was neither form nor sex to this perfect Being. It, which I shall in the future call He, in keeping with our commonly accepted syntax, contained everything, as white light contains all the colours of a rainbow when penetrating a prism.

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