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Mark Mallman - Going out of body on stage



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This came from a blog which was well worth reading because it was so well written, I have included but a small extract. Sadly, however, it has now disappeared, but the original reference was http://blog.thecurrent.org/post/2012/10/mark-mallman-reflects-touring-out-body-experiences-and-finding-beauty-darkness in case it gets reinstated.

It is very funny, but it is clear he works himself up to a fever pitch before he performs on stage.

A description of the experience

Mark Mallman writes in from the road, where he's touring behind his new 'Double Silhouette'

11:18 AM - October 23, 2012 The seduction of parking lots where all of us useless rockers were once conceived. Conceived if not literally, metaphorically through leather rebellion and smoke. I remembered the shitty parking lots. The waiting in hospital parking lots, afraid to visit the mostly dead grandparents inside. The lots of factories without cafeterias where we all ate hot bag lunches like dogs dying. Police station parking lots. The three-hour silent parking lot break ups, watching her drive away crying.

Here I was again in a parking lot, waiting to play another rock and roll roadhouse. The Spaceman 3 album had long since finished.

I spent a good 30 minutes listening to the rain on the windshield before going in and screaming, enraged.

My performance was out of body as usual, like controlling a drone from some other continent. We encored with a Mad Max version of Peter Gabriel's “Sledgehammer.” As the bars evacuated onto Massachusetts Ave. the kids all melted together into one drunken blob. That night I slept in a camper in some suburban driveway. A couple fought over a basketball at 4 a.m. I slept till noon then rode nine hours to Denver in my pajamas. 

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