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Madame L. David, of 149 rue de Rennes, Paris has a dream of her friend’s death



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Death and its Mystery: After Death – Camille Flammarion

On the evening of Saturday, May 28, 1921, and. the whole of Sunday May 29th, I felt unwell without any apparent cause. I was so tired that I lay down for part of the afternoon. It was as if I had a weight on my shoulders, and I had a vague impression that something out of the ordinary, something painful was about to happen.

The evening of the twenty-ninth, I went to bed early, and as soon as I felt asleep I began to dream.

This lasted all night, and what a dream it was! I was standing near one of my friends, a woman living in Versailles; for two years circumstances had prevented my seeing her. I saw her most distinctly, lying upon her bed, with the bloodless face of those who have died after much suffering. She stretched out her arms to me, wishing to kiss me, but terror nailed me to the spot, and I made no movement to approach her. This filled her poor face with sadness. The appeals which she made for me to kiss her and her efforts to draw near me lasted the whole night. I awakened often, and each time I went to sleep again the dream began once more. It was a real struggle, the whole night long, to escape from this nightmare, to such an extent that in the morning, when I was quite tired and worn out, my first words to my husband, on awakening, were an account of this painful dream.

I had scarcely finished telling him of it when the door-bell rang, and he was given a letter with a black border, telling of my poor friend's funeral, her death had occurred on the evening of Saturday the twenty eighth, at nine o'clock.

Greatly disturbed by all this, I went to Versailles on Tuesday the day of her funeral. When I got there, three of her friends who had been with her during her last moments, said to me, “Is that you, Madame David?”

“Yes” I answered.

”Well, our dear friend asked for you on Saturday night before she died; she asked several times, and repeated your name insistently!”

Then I remembered the whole of my dream. It had really been an appeal from my poor friend; she had come to look for me not at once but twenty-four hours afterward. Perhaps the uneasiness which I had felt on Saturday evening was an unconscious recording of her thought, which was seeking to stamp itself upon my mind.


149 rue de Rennes, Paris.

(Letter 4669)

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