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Billy with leukemia sees his dead brother Bruce



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Dr Yvonne Kason – Farther Shores

My son Billy got leukemia when he was seven.  He had been taking chemotherapy, and he seemed to be doing well.  The doctors were optimistic, and we didn’t expect him to die.  Then one morning he told me that he had had a dream the night before. He said that in it his brother Bruce had come to see him and that he knew, now that he would be dying soon, but that he wanted me to know that everything would be all right.

Then he turned to me and said, "Mom, why didn’t you ever tell me I had a brother named Bruce who died?”

I was so overcome, I didn't know what to say.  When Billy was an infant his brother Bruce had died in a car wreck, and somehow we had never been able to tell him about it.  The next day Billy died, too. And losing him was so hard, .but I just held on to the idea that he and Bruce were together now, and somebody, somewhere was taking care of my babies.

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