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My mother's voice was as clear and distinct as if she had spoken to me, in her earnest tone



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Death and its Mystery – After Death – Camille Flammarian

The following letter … was sent me from Baltimore, Maryland, by an interested reader.

When I was young-nineteen years old, I lost a mother whom I adored. Her memory is sacred to me and I often used to take counsel of it, mentally.

Several years later five or six years I had to go through great struggles, and was, without knowing it, in much danger.

One night I was sleeping deeply, without dreaming. I saw no one; no scene rose before me, but my mother's voice said to me distinctly, “Take care, Fanny!" I cannot tell you if I woke up when I heard the voice, or after hearing it. I know that I still heard, distinctly, the sound of this dear, familiar voice when I was fully awake-a voice the sound of which remained engraved upon my heart.

The next day, at a certain moment, I understood suddenly why my mother's voice herd put me on my guard.

Several of my dreams have come true. They are what I might call parable-dreams, and when I awaken I know their meaning intuitively; not after a time, but at once. Now that I am older, and perhaps stronger, less nervous, and less impressionable, such things have almost ceased to happen to me. It seems to me - if I may express my opinion-that we can more or less put ourselves in touch with psychic forces, or cut ourselves off from them.

I have never seen an apparition, and the very thought of one frightens me, but, in order to reach a scientific conclusion, no research seems too arduous to me; for, dominating all my inner struggles, came this voice from beyond the grave, clear and distinct: a mother's warning to her child whom she saw in danger because of her ignorance.

Why my mother's voice rather than any other? Whence came this voice? Why did not the presentiment of danger come to me precisely at the crucial moment? I often have presentiments, I feel things, and I believe in these presentiments; but my mother's voice was as clear and distinct as if she had spoken to me, in her earnest tone. And she did speak to me ; therefore she is not dead.


Bryn Mawr School, Baltimore.

(Letter 653.)

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