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Wendy Lewis’s account of her mother's twin sister's reaction to her death



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It is possible that the sisters were simply seeing each other's situation - no visiting was involved.  The trauma of the [so called]  ICU of hospitals in comparison with the peace of a hospice

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The Art of Dying – Drs Peter and Elizabeth Fenwick

Wendy Lewis’s account of her mother's twin sister's reaction to her death:

When my mother, Kathleen, died, two years ago here in Hertfordshire, I rang my cousin, who is her twin sister Edie's son, and they live in Norfolk. He was very worried about breaking the news to his mother (my mother’s twin) as they were 95 years old. He and his wife decided not to tell her that evening, as they were taking her to see her younger sister in hospital, and didn't want to upset her too much. They knocked on her door and, she opened it and immediately said, 'Kath's died.' They were completely astounded, as there was no way she could have known. She then said, 'It's not very nice dying.' My mother had had a major stroke only the day before and had rather a harrowing time in hospital before she passed away. We are convinced that my mum visited her sister before passing on.

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