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From the Spectator 188
by " H. Wedgwood ".

Between forty and fifty years ago a young girl, a near connection of mine, was dying of consumption. She had lain for some days in a prostrate condition taking no notice of anything, when she opened her eyes, and looking upwards, said slowly,

'Susan - and Jane - and Ellen,' as if recognizing the presence of her three sisters, who had previously died of the same disease.

Then after a short pause she continued, 'and Edward too!’ naming a brother then supposed to be alive and well in India - as if surprised at seeing him in the company.

She said no more, and sank shortly afterwards.

In the course of the post, letters came from India announcing the death of Edward, from an accident a week or two previous to the death of his sister.

This was told to me by an elder sister who nursed the dying girl, and was present at her bedside at the time.

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