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The appalling pain of gout



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This is an extract and the forum continued with discussions of how people tend to 'dissociate' in effect almost go out of body when the pain gets really bad 

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Being a chronic Gout sufferer, I can tell you there is no other pain in the world like it. I get it in various places such as my knees, feet, ankles, etc. Sure, I'm on meds for it, but sometimes that doesn't help. People are right: You can't walk, not even to the bathroom.


For me, it strikes in the middle of the night oftentimes with no warning. When I have an attack, I need help getting to dialysis and help getting in the damn chair. The pinch of the needles are welcome relief for the momentary second of distraction from the Gout pain.


For me, it takes about 2 weeks to recover to the point of being able to walk. I've seen different doctors over the years, tried every med imaginable, led a purine free diet - but I still get it. I've tried eating fresh cherries to lower the purine, blueberries, etc. It's enough to make me suicidal. Because the pain is so intense, I can't sleep - not even in the chair. So, to top everything else - I'm tired, in pain, and my family cannot fathom why I'm such an asshole when it strikes. I'm the kind of person who wants to be left alone when I'm sick - but life doesn't work that way.

My dog is the only that understands me, so I allow her to stay with me when Gout strikes. The only description I can give is this: Imagine the biggest guy you know hammering your joints with a sledge hammer consistently on one side, while someone else stabs your joint with a big knife and leaves it in there on the other. Now, imagine that happening at the same time for two weeks. You might get an idea of Gout Pain.

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Extreme pain