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Masters and Houston - Twins



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Messages can be sent from one person to another, without any reply being expected.

But two way communication is also possible.  The composer of one person is able to provide the thoughts and perceptions of that person to another composer who was able to give them to the other person and that person was able to receive them.  In turn the receiving person was able to also provide a perception for use by his or her composer and this was transmitted to the other’s composer.  Two way communication but via perceptions.  In effect, the two were actively and consciously sending one another messages via the composer and via their thoughts. 

The observations that I came across nearly always involved twins.  This does not mean that the capability is exclusively the domain of twins, but it does seem to be a gift more frequently found in twins.  An example follows…..

A description of the experience

The Varieties of Psychedelic Experience – Dr Robert Masters and Dr Jean Houston

A still more unusual case of this sort occurred in a session in which two of the 5 participating subjects [LSD] were [identical] twin sisters.  These twins, S14 and S15, achieved a degree of what they called 'empathy' that bordered on the eerie.


To their astonishment each was experiencing almost the same changes of perception and the same images experienced by the other.  They repeatedly enquired of the 3 other subjects in the room what those other subjects were experiencing and found, somewhat to their dismay, that the others were having quite different and highly individualised experiences.

The twins also discovered that they were reacting almost identically to ideas and people, finding the same things funny or sad for the same reasons, and drawing similar conclusions about their co-subjects.  They went on comparing notes for some time, beginning to enjoy their inexplicable mutuality, until a man in the room complained that they should keep their 'Gemini perceptions' to themselves and asked 'Christ, don't either of you exist apart from the other one?'  He added that the twins looked to him 'like one person with two heads and four legs'.

These remarks had a strong effect on the twins, who reacted by intensely contemplating one another for a long time.  At first they giggled at one another nervously, but then became pensive and finally appeared to be in a profound and almost trance like sort of communion.  It was while in this 'empathetic' state, they said later, that they had discovered themselves to be essentially the same person.  Each woman proclaimed herself to be 'variations on my twin' but declared that the 'overlapping of identities' was no longer a source of discomfort.

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