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Near death from valium suicide attempt



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In this account a woman has attempted to commit suicide by taking an overdose of valium.  You may consider this as not a case of mis-prescription, but Valium was clearly not the correct thing to give her in the circumstances.

Not hell but the Fire level.

A description of the experience

Dr Maurice Rawlings – Beyond Death's Door

As I got drowsy, I remember going down this black hole, round and round.  Then I saw a glowing red-hot spot getting bigger and bigger until I was able to stand up.

It was all red and hot and on fire.  The earth was like slimy mud that sank over my feet and it was hard to breathe.  I cried out.

'O Lord, give me another chance'

I prayed and prayed.  How I got back I will never know.  They said I was unconscious for 2 days and that they pumped my stomach.  They said my experience in hell must have been a drug trip.  But they don't really know

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