Spiritual concepts


A demon is a rogue process, in computer software terms a virus, a program of the universe that has gone wrong, and the vast majority of demons that are encountered in spiritual experiences [if not all, although I cannot prove this] are created by human beings.  There are three types of demon that may be encountered in a spiritual experience:

  • Demons we ourselves have created
  • Demons other people have created and inflicted on us
  • Demons we have invoked by our way of life

They exist in our Memory as Learnt function and very very occasionally in our Perceptions.


The difference between a demon and any Spirit Entity can be summed up as follows:

How to tell whether a figure is a spirit entity and not a composer constructed character

  • The entity employs logic and reasoning
  • It provides information unknown to the person having the experience but verifiable
  • The entity can demonstrate behaviour in a manner equal to the person or superior to them
  • The entity questions the person
  • The entity returns again, suggesting their ongoing existence
  • It attempts to teach or point out things to the person, guide or accompany the person
  • The entity can converse or communicate with the person
  • Has its own sense of purpose

There are two additional cross references that may be of help here

  • I have provided a method of How to Expunge demons in the common steps section
  • I have expanded the description of the types of demon you may encounter during spiritual experience in the section Types of Demon



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