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Atharvaveda - IV 10 The Pearl and its Shell bestowing long life and prosperity



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The Atharvaveda translated by Maurice Bloomfield

Born of the wind, the atmosphere, the lightning and the Light
may this Pearl shell, born of gold, protect us from harm

With the shell which was born in the Sea, at the tip of bright spirit
we slay the Rakshas and conquer the devouring demons

With this shell we conquer disease and poverty
with this shell, too, the Saanvas
The shell is our universal remedy
The Pearl shall protect us from harm

Born in the heavens, born in the sea, brought by the river
this shell, born of gold, is our life prolonging charm

A charm born of the sea, the Sun, born from the clouds
shall on all sides protect us from the missiles of the gods and the Asuras

Thou art one of the golden spirits
thou art born from the Moon
Thou art sightly on the chariot
thou art brilliant on the bow
May it prolong our lives

The bone of the gods turned into Pearl
that, animated, dwells in the Waters
That do I fasten upon thee unto life,
lustre, strength, longevity
unto a life lasting a hundred autumns
May the charm of the Pearl protect thee

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