Spiritual concepts


Spirit is the software and hardware of the universe.  
It is Energy that has been ordered.
If it has not been ordered it is called ‘Chaos’.


If it has been ordered, it is vibrating Energy if it has not been ordered it is ‘still’.
Very slow vibration produces what we perceive as ‘Form’ that is the physical universe, what we can see, smell, touch, smell and taste. Thus this level of vibrational energy is capable of being processed by our 5 senses.
Higher levels of energy provide the Functions, Systems and Entities of the universe; what ‘animates’ it.  So the functions that give things their predictable behaviour and make them what they are.

Synonyms for spirit

There are numerous synonyms for this programmed Energy  –

Lots of names, but in effect scientists, philosophers, poets and painters, all agree it exists.

For more details of the programming language of the systems of the universe – see  Word.


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