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Frost, Robert - Ours is to behave like a kitchen spoon



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So the designers and creators  of washing machines, cars,  airplanes, computers, computer systems, paintings, gardens, new plants, architectural constructions, hairstyles, hoovers, clothes, government systems, political systems, transport systems, business systems, personal systems, finance systems, books to explain all these things  …........new ways of doing things and new forms,  are all getting 'brownie points'. 

The person who sits in a monastery, creating nothing but work for the lady who cleans his cell and cooks him his meals,  meditating his life away perusing the nature of the spiritual world, is likely to be reincarnated as a sloth [this is a joke - or maybe its not].

A description of the experience

Robert Frost – from The Poetry of Robert Frost

Ours is to behave
Like a kitchen spoon
Of a size Titanic
To keep all things stirred
In a blend mechanic,
Saying That's the Tune
That's the Pretty Kettle!
Matter mustn't curd
Separate and settle
Action is the word

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Frost, Robert

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Extreme unhappiness