Spiritual concepts


Function and the synonymous names Activity or System are types of action,  something that is done, a type of activity.  It is thus a classification of actual activity.  A function is a class because if exactly the same ‘inputs’ [occurrences or things] are fed into that function exactly the same ‘outputs’[things] will result.

Functions are performed on or by Entities – types of thing.  Verbs essentially that work on classes of things.

If someone tells me a good joke [input], then it is probable that I will laugh [output laughter]. 


Thus water as a class has defined functions, carbon has defined functions, sand has defined functions.  We have defined functions too – we can laugh, cry, be angry, be joyful, be happy or sad, be tired or energetic and we can experience the function of ‘pain’.

Every physical thing has functions.  They enable it to operate. 

David Foster
If we examine an apparently purposeful thing such as a watch, then …. there must be a watchmaker.  But trees also evidence meaningful function, more complex and technical than a watch....

For more details of the interactions between these functions of the universe – see Function dependencies


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