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Asvaghosha - The Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana - The evolving ego



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When we are born we obtain a Personality suited to our destiny.

The law of causation can work in two ways.  The Great Work - the plan - may include a whole host of tasks in a set sequence which mean that we do and become an evolved being - the ego gets crushed, but the will moves closer to the Higher spirit.

Alternatively, the simple fact that the universe and the spiritual world is a system with defined functions and function dependencies, means that the effects simply follow the laws of the universe.  You can't buck the system.

Neither the plan for the universe nor the systems of the universe exist outside the Earth layer - the realm of birth and death.


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Asvaghosha - The Awakening of Faith in the Mahayana translated by D T Suzuki

By the law of causation in the domain of birth and death we mean that depending on the mind an evolution of the ego and consciousness takes place in all beings.

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