Spiritual concepts


synonymous in some respects with the Personality.  But a more detailed explanation is needed.

When we are born we are given a 'Personality'.  We need a personality to fulfill our destiny - in other words all the characteristics and attributes we have are there so we can do our job on earth - fulfill our destiny.  So it is needed.
But by having these attributes, we may also have a feeling of uniqueness, [which may well be right], but we can also start to feel separate, our uniqueness gives us the false impression that we are better than other people, important, maybe far more important than anyone else  - AND THIS IS EGO AND IT IS DEEPLY DESTRUCTIVE.
We are NOT special, we are just simply different.  And we have each been made different because we have a job to do.
In other words, Personality and ego create the feeling of 'I'.    I am, I want, I need, I believe, etc.   But there is the real danger that instead of just saying, well I have these attributes because I am actually here to 'serve', to fulfill my destiny, all we do is SEPARATE ourselves from our fellow man. 
The stronger the sense of 'I' - a very strong 'ego', the more separate we are and thus the more selfish and destructive we are too, because we feel no sense of unity with our fellow beings - humans, animals or the planet as a whole - at all.
A strong ego is deeply deeply destructive. 
And we are seeing the effect of this sense of separateness now.  Everyone is telling other people what to do to save the planet, but they all think they are too important to do it themselves. 
So a massive ego is doubly dangerous.  It creates a false sense of importance so great that we can destroy the planet because of it.  And the ego totally - and I mean totally - blocks out any spiritual input, thus the help we might receive to save us is denied.
I believe that unless ego is destroyed pretty quickly we are doomed as a species.



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