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Schelling, F W J - Philosophical Inquiries into the Nature of Human Freedom – On Darkness and Light



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Philosophical Inquiries into the Nature of Human Freedom – F W J Schelling

Every being which has arisen in nature in the manner indicated, contains a double principle which, however, is at bottom one and the same regarded from the two possible aspects.

The first principle is the one by which they are separated from God or wherein they exist in the mere basis of things. But as an original unity exists between that which is in the basis, and what is prefigured in understanding, the second principle, which by its own nature is Dark, is at the same time the very one which is revealed in Light, and the two are one in every natural object, though only to a certain extent.

For the Process of creation consists only in an inner transmutation, or revelation in Light of what was originally the principle of Darkness since understanding or the Light which occurs in Nature is actually only searching in the depths for that Light which is akin to it and is turned inward.

The principle of Darkness, insofar as it was drawn from the depths and is dark, is the self-will [ego] of creatures, but self-will, insofar as it has not yet risen to complete unity with Light, as the principle of understanding cannot grasp it and is mere craving or Desire, that is blind will.

This self-will of creatures stands opposed to reason as universal will, and the latter makes use of the former and subordinates it to itself as a mere tool. But this will becomes one whole with the primal will or reason when, in the progressive transformation and division of all forces, there is totally revealed in Light the inmost and deepest point of original Darkness, in One Being.

The will of this One Being, to the extent to which it is individual, is also a particular will, though in itself or as the center of all other particular wills it is one with the primal will or reason.

This elevation of the most abysmal center into Light, occurs in no creatures visible to us except in man.

 In man there exists the whole power of the principle of Darkness and, in him too, the whole force of Light.

 In him there are both centers - the deepest pit and the highest heaven.

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Schelling, Friedrich Wilhelm Joseph von

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