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Frater Albertus - Introduction to Alchemy 02



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This is describing what it feels like after the kundalini experience.  I have no idea whether this is theoretical or practical knowledge, but the description is quite good.

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Introduction to Alchemy  - Frater Albertus, FRC

We must do the work ourselves, for no one can do it for us. We will begin to realize that everything is no longer so individualistic as it seemed before.

We is the term in which we will think. We, - humanity and I become entwined.  The “I” loses its meaning; it becomes submerged in the Cosmic All.

“I” becomes many, as part of many that has its ultimate in one. Individuality, though still existing, becomes “All-individuality.” Hence we begin to realize that the “I” is only a segment of the Divine, an entity in itself but not the true self, that which is All, the Divine.

The wise ones, Sages, Adepts, or whatever names we may give them, those who have become illuminated, meet on the same plane. They have climbed to the mountain top. Theirs is the mastership over the world below.

They can see what happens below and that which will happen because of their far-reaching sight in the valley, [those in the valley are] twisting and turning and searching behind obstacles and are too close to the pattern of events to see it.

Sages read Nature as an open book printed in clear type whose sentences they fully understand.

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