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Spiritual concepts

Higher spirit

The Higher spirit is our unique identifier within the spiritual world together with a set of functions that, amongst other things, gives us access to the spiritual world. 

It is immortal, eternal and indestructible.

It has no gender.

It is our Higher spirit that we ‘meet’ in near death experiences.

The Composer is a part of the Higher spirit – just one function of many.  The Higher self actually has lots of functions, but the composer function is one of the main ones.  So although for the purposes of spiritual experience it is the composer function that is key, on a wider level that function is just one of the functions of the Higher self. 

The other functions guide us and motivate us during life acting on our behalf.  Our Higher spirit can inspire, threaten and cajole. In most cultures the Higher spirit acts as our protector, providing us with wisdom, guidance, inspiration, occasional admonishment and dreams, visions and hallucinations – if we let it.  Occasionally the Higher spirit acts like a perverse type of opposite to the Personality – a contrasting set of characteristics designed to challenge you.  It is there to make you think, not just help and support.

Psalm 82:6
I have said, Ye are gods; and all of you are children of the most High


Every Higher spirit has a unique identifier.  There are biologists who have now been able to ascertain that we do indeed have a unique identifier, and it is present in cells and used by the body to ‘keep us together’, in other words enable the cells to group together and know they belong to us. 

All those trillions of cells that make up our body, thus cluster round the Higher self’s Identifier.  Analogously we could think of this identifier as being like the Internet identifier  - the IP address.


Dogon masks show the concept of the higher spirit

here are numerous synonyms  for this concept.  It has been called the I-There and the I-Self.   In some cases it is called the Immortal soul.  In Hindu thought,  it is known as the Atman [often wrongly translated as ‘the soul’] .

In Jainism, the term used is  jiva (alternate spelling, jiwa)  -  the immortal essence of a living being (human, animal, fish or plant etc...) which survives physical death. The word itself originates from the Sanskrit Jivás, with the root jiv- 'to breathe'. It has the same Indo-European root as the Latin word Vivus: "Alive".

The Mesopotamians believed in the form of an animated spirit, called gidim in Sumerian, and etemmu (ghost) or a wind-like emanation the zaqiqu (or ziqiqu) in Akkadian.

In Burma the Karens call it the kelah, the Melanesians the atai, the Shoshone in Wyoming call it navujieip; in Africa, it is variously known as the mzimu and doshi; in Australia the Ngatatara call it the iruntarinia.  Belief in the Higher spirit is very wide spread – the Hausa of Nigeria, the Dieri of Australia, the Soloman Islanders, the Fox Indians, the Dayals of Borneo, the Akawaio caribs of British Guiana and so on and so on.

In a great many cultures, it is simply known as our ‘spirit’ or ‘Helper of Soul’.

There is the eno and moya…………

The Greeks used the word Daemon………..

The Siryians, a Finnish people of Eastern Russia, named it the  ort

The Higher spirit and death

What survives on death is the Higher spirit and our Perceptions.  In many ways, ‘we’ are really defined by these two things, the essence of us is the things we have perceived together with the core nature that is represented by the Higher spirit.  For more details see The Higher spirit and Perceptions

Memory is obliterated on death, wiped out, principally because it is not ‘the Truth’, only our perceptions, being a log of events, are ‘the Truth’ and we carry this around with us  - if we do get reborn – like a sort of trunk of gradually accumulating perceptions of which we are only very dimly aware.

So the mortal Soul may be defined as the group of functions allocated to us at birth in order to survive and create, but individually we are an entity, whose existence is dependent upon the existence of an identifier and a Perceptions log – gradually being increased with more data.

On death there is every reason to suppose that all the functions needed to be a physical being are gradually stripped away and only the Higher spirit and the Perceptions are left [plus some additional functions related to the mind, which needs no physical body] . 

So there is a very good reason to make sure our Perceptions are joyful, they go with us and affect us eternally.  We are what we do.

Higher spirit communication

Our Higher spirit can communicate with Spirit Entities  within the Intelligence hierarchy.

But, our Higher spirit is also able to communicate with other Higher spirits. 

All communication spiritually has to be via the Composer function of our Higher spirit. 

Why?  If we take the example of a flower, a cow and a herder, each has a set of functions that are unique to it.  A herder can understand other herders, a cow can understand other cows, a flower presumably other flowers, because each has a set of functions that are shared by it and others of its type.  But a cow only has a small number of functions common with man, so on the whole man is a mystery to a cow and a cow is something of a mystery to man.  Similarly one assumes a flower has even fewer common functions, so we are a complete mystery to a flower and vice versa. 


All communication thus has to be controlled through our composer.

How does the composer communicate with other things?

  • Inanimate things - Inanimate things have no intellect or higher spirit.  A rock or any other inanimate object will have a copy of the class functions to which it belongs but that is all.  So we cannot communicate with a rock directly, our composer  can only communicate with the Spirit Entity or Spirit Being that controls rocks of that type.  You often find that people who take drugs see the Entity of that drug/substance – man-made drugs have some very unpleasant Spirit Entities
  • Animate – plants -   Every living animate thing has a Will because there has to be a controlling function of that thing to help it make decisions as to the next action .  But plants do not learn, they react.  They do not have intellect, they have Perception and the ability to automatically react to Perceptions.  So again our composer can only communicate with plants via the Spirit Entity or Spirit Being that controls that particular class of plant.
    Thus a person imbibing a psilocybe mushroom may ‘see’ an ‘Elf ‘[and this is not unknown].  The ‘elf’ is the controlling Entity of the type of mushroom or mushrooms he has just consumed.  Each species of mushroom will have its own type of elf.  ‘Fairies’ are the Entities of flowering plants.
  • Animate - Animals – All animals have a higher spirit.  Thus composer to composer interaction can take place.  So we can say that all reptiles, fish, mammals, birds and so on – all animals in fact are capable of communication via their Higher spirit.

Even animals that have no obvious intellect are often controlled by their higher spirit – the Portugeuse man of war [which is actually an aggregate of thousands of tiny organisms] may be one of them!  Just because something is unable to communicate it does not mean it doesn’t have a higher spirit.  And it doesn’t have to have a brain – a Portuguese man of war has no brain but it functions extremely well.  A brain just happens to be a sort of hardware for certain sorts of functions.  A Portugeuse man of war does not need a function of Will because its Higher spirit acts as the  commanding deciding function – this is true of many so called lower level species.


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