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S'RÎMAD BHÂGAVATAM – Canto 11, Chapter 03 - Liberation from Mâyâ



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CANTO 11:  Krishna's Final Instructions

From Chapter 3: Liberation from Mâyâ and Karma Knowing and Worshiping the Lord

(3) S'rî Antarîksha said: 'The Soul of All Living Beings evolved, by means of the elements of the greater creation, all creatures high and low oh mighty armed one, so that they, the Original Person's own, could be successful with the sense objects and the true self, the [Higher] Spirit

 (4) Having entered the living beings that thus were created with the help of the five gross elements and having divided Himself as the one [witness] to the ten [senses of perception and action], He was pleased to engage them [in a life] with the modes of nature.

 (5) The living being, that by the Supreme Soul was given a life with the modes, enjoys those modes and consequently takes this created body for the true self as also himself for the master and thus becomes entangled

 (6) The proprietor of the body is because of the sense-motivated actions, driven by desires and engaged in different karmic - fruitive - activities from which he reaps the different fruits. And thus he moves through this world in both a state of happiness and the contrary thereof

(7) This way by his karma reaching destinations that bring him a lot of things that are not so good, the living being till the end of time helplessly experiences birth and death.

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