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Jordan Peterson from an Interview with Russell Brand



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Is Jordan Peterson a healer or a ascientist.  In this context he is acting as a healer

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Jordan Peterson from an Interview with Russell Brand

the story of Christ is the ultimate tragedy and the reason for that, is that the worst possible thing happened to the best possible person, right?

That's the ultimate tragedy that's what makes it an archetype you can't go past that for tragic - so it's an innocent man, who was completely sinless, who was working on behalf of only the good and the truth, broken and destroyed early and young and betrayed as well, so that's the ultimate tragedy.

 But then there's a  ‘comedic’ element to it in the technical sense ………..technically if you're looking at story structure a ‘comedy’ is just a story that has a happy ending , right?

It has a positive ending, it’s the resurrection that makes Christ's story a ‘comedy’, that there's this possibility of Resurrection.

And the way that I read that psychologically - and I'm not trying to make any comments about the metaphysics of it, - is that there's a part of people that's the Self the Jungian Self let's say [Higher Spirit] that is capable of sustaining itself across successive deaths and rebirths.

And everyone really understands this, it's one of the things that's most fun to teach people because you know when you're moving through life and you have a plan or a dream and it shatters , you know someone dies, or a relationship breaks apart, or you have a terrible upset in your career, or you become ill in some unexpected way, then everything around you falls apart and you plunge into a wall, you plunge into a chaotic underbelly ….of the whale …..exactly right yes exactly that and then maybe you stay there because it isn't necessarily the case that people get out , you know people die, people are in despair permanently,  but frequently something tragic and terrible befalls you and you fall apart and you learn something profound as a consequence and you put yourself back together and when you come back out you're more than you were when you went in.

And that's happening in a small scale every time you learn something you know if you ever really learned something it's usually painful it usually means that you have to recognize that you're wrong in some important way, you have to let that part of you that's wrong die and then you have to let a new part of you undergo a series of transformations

…. And this Self is the thing that manages the transformations …… so you could identify with what you understand - that's what ideologues do; - you could identify with what you don't understand -and that's what seekers after truth identify with; - or you could identify with the process of moving between those states - as the thing that moves across the transformations and that's  the right way to conceptualize yourself as you’re the thing that maintains constancy across transformations .

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