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Lethbridge, T C - ESP Beyond Time and Distance – The fourth dimension



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ESP Beyond Time and Distance – T C Lethbridge

The future and the past can often be observed by people using the sixth sense and I very much doubt whether the most case-hardened materialist does not really know this in the secret parts of his make-up. He may flap and bluster and growl, if he is honest he must appreciate that no theoretical extension of the functions of the brain can explain all the curious facts with which we have been dealing….

The only explanation that I can see at present is that that something is mind, spirit if you like, and that that mind is only linked to the brain, …., by the electro-magnetic field. It is our mind, being independent of the three dimensions, which knows about matters which cannot be deduced from three-dimensional data. This mind, our real life, exists in four dimensions, and as such has no bounds in time or space.

It is not easy when one has been brought up from childhood to think in terms of three dimensions to be suddenly expected to do so in four. But apparently all we have been discussing relates to the properties of the fourth. The signals without words, which go out over immense distances regardless of the laws of mechanical electro-magnetism; the foreknowledge of the future; the ability to contact things out of reach of the senses; all the intangible phenomena connected with these fields of force; none of these really pertains to a three-dimensional world. They belong to a fourth in which life belongs to a mind with a different rate of vibration.

- Throughout the ages, and in many lands, some men have always appreciated that there was something beyond the three-dimensional world, but the more you become attached to the three, the harder it is to grasp the existence of the fourth. Even those hard-headed, rugged rascals, the vikings, believed in [this]. The idea is at least 10,000 years old in this country and far older elsewhere.

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Lethbridge, Thomas Charles

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