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The Secret of the Golden Flower - 03 Turning the Light around and keeping to the Centre



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Turning the Light Around and Keeping to the Center

1.  Where did the term turning the light around begin? It
began with the adept Wenshi. When the light is
turned around, the energies of heaven and earth, yin
and yang, all congeal. This is what is called "refined
thought", "pure energy' or "pure thought."

2.  When you first put this technique into practice, there
is seemingly nonbeing within being. Eventually,
when the work is accomplished, and there is a body
beyond your body, there is seemingly being within

3.  Only after a hundred days of concentrated work is
the light real; only then is it the fire of spirit. After a
hundred days, the light is spontaneous: a point of
true positive energy suddenly produces a pearl, just
as an embryo forms from the intercourse of a man
and a woman. Then you should attend it calmly and
quietly. The turning around of the light is the "firing

4.  In the original creation there is positive light, which
is the ruling director. In the material world it is the
sun; in human beings it is the eyes. Nothing is worse
than to have a running leakage of spirit and con-
sciousness; this is conformity, so the way of the
golden flower is accomplished completely through
the method of reversal.

5.  Turning the light around is not turning around the
light of one body, but turning around the very
energy of Creation. It is not stopping random imagi-
nation only temporarily; it is truly emptying routine
compulsion for all time.

6.  Therefore each breath corresponds to one year of
human time; and each breath corresponds to a cen-
tury in the various pathways of the long night of


10.  The light is neither inside nor outside the self.
Mountains, rivers, sun, moon, and the whole earth
are all this light, so it is not only in the self. All the
operations of intelligence, knowledge, and wisdom
are also this light, so it is not outside the self. The
light of heaven and earth fills the universe; the light
of one individual also naturally extends through the
heavens and covers the earth. Therefore once you
turn the light around, everything in the world is
turned around.

11.  The light rays are concentrated upward into the eyes;
this is the great key of the human body. You should
reflect on this. If you do not sit quietly each day this
light flows and whirls, stopping who knows where. If
you can sit quietly for a while, all time - ten thousand
ages, a thousand lifetimes-is penetrated from this.
All phenomena revert to stillness. Truly inconceivable
is this sublime truth.


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The Secret of the Golden Flower

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