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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali - Book IV - 11. to 34.



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The Sutra is shown as a heading, in this list I have not provided the comment  by the translator, in this case, Charles Johnston, [1912].

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11. Since the dynamic mind-images are held together by impulses of desire, by the wish for personal reward, by the substratum of mental habit, by the support of outer things desired; therefore, when these cease, the self reproduction of dynamic mind-images ceases.

12. The difference between that which is past and that which is not yet come, according to their natures, depends on the difference of phase of their properties.

13. These properties, whether manifest or latent, are of the nature of the Three Potencies.

14. The external manifestation of an object takes place when the transformations are in the same phase.

15. The paths of material things and of states of consciousness are distinct, as is manifest from the fact that the same object may produce different impressions in different minds.

16. Nor do material objects depend upon a single mind, for how could they remain objective to others, if that mind ceased to think of them?

17. An object is perceived, or not perceived, according as the mind is, or is not, tinged with the colour of the object.

18. The movements of the psychic nature are perpetually objects of perception, since the Spiritual Man, who is the lord of them, remains unchanging.

19. The Mind is not self-luminous, since it can be seen as an object.

20. Nor could the Mind at the same time know itself and things external to it.

21. If the Mind be thought of as seen by another more inward Mind, then there would be an endless series of perceiving Minds, and a confusion of memories.

22. When the psychical nature takes on the form of the spiritual intelligence, by reflecting it, then the Self becomes conscious of its own spiritual intelligence.

23. The psychic nature, taking on the colour of the Seer and of things seen, leads to the perception of all objects.

24. The psychic nature, which has been printed with mind-images of innumerable material things, exists now for the Spiritual Man, building for him.

25. For him who discerns between the Mind and the Spiritual Man, there comes perfect fruition of the longing after the real being of the Self.

26. Thereafter, the whole personal being bends toward illumination, toward Eternal Life.

27. In the internals of the batik [sic - this may be an error of translation], other thoughts will arise, through the impressions of the dynamic mind-images.

28. These are to be overcome as it was taught that hindrances should be overcome.

29. He who, after he has attained, is wholly free from self, reaches the essence of all that can be known, gathered together like a cloud. This is the true spiritual consciousness.

30. Thereon comes surcease from sorrow and the burden of toil.

31. When all veils are rent, all stains washed away, his knowledge becomes infinite; little remains for him to know.

32. Thereafter comes the completion of the series of transformations of the three nature potencies, since their purpose is attained.

33. The series of transformations is divided into moments. When the series is completed, time gives place to duration.

34. Pure spiritual life is, therefore, the inverse resolution of the potencies of Nature, which have emptied themselves of their value for the Spiritual man; or it is the return of the power of pure Consciousness to its essential form.

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Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

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