Spiritual concepts

Five senses system

It will be helpful here if you have The Model of the Mind open in order that you can refer to it as you go along.

The system of the 5 senses processes information from the eyes, ears, nose, taste buds and skin – external sensations.  In effect, the Physical 5 senses provides the 5 senses system, which is a function based system not mechanical or material one, with input. 

Analogously it is like the systems that convert mouse input, keyboard input, microphone input and so on to software based input that can be processed by the programs of a computer.   

Generally speaking, we are receiving constant input from the system of the 5 senses.  This is recorded as ‘sensations’ -  tastes, smells, sounds, images, and feelings from touch. 

A considerable amount of filtering, analysing and processing goes on to make what is effectively ‘electrical and chemical input’ into interpretable input that the other functions of the mind can act upon.  What does this mean?

  • Firstly, we do not see or experience the full extent of the external environment – a lot of input is removed so we are not bombarded by too much sensory information.  We hear only a tiny fraction of the total range of sounds, we see only a tiny fraction of the electromagnetic radiation.  We experience only what we need to experience in order to function as a human being.
  • Secondly, the input is processed further.  So, for example, we obtain a 3D picture from our eyes and a ‘directed’ sound impression from our ears

We never experience ‘reality’ with our 5 senses.  We only ever experience a version of reality.  We operate, are born, live and die in a virtual world

But there is an extra level of filtering that goes on that is crucial to our ability to have a spiritual experience.

For more details on how our sensory system filters out data see Where is heaven?

For more detail on our 5 senses and what they do see:


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