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Swedenborg, Emanuel - The Unit of energy and infinitely small



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Finite = Earth

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Emmanuel Swedenborg – The Infinite

The more deeply human wisdom commits itself to the investigation of the Infinite essence the more deeply it is involved in a labyrinth … the reasoning mind knows none other than the finite, consequently can produce none other, for it is informed and developed by finite things and through finite senses and seeks the unknown by the analysis of the known [but] no comparison or relation can subsist between the finite and infinite, that if the philosopher must enquire into the essence of the infinite from the essence of the finite, the infinite will necessarily appear null in relation to the finite … for the infinitely small becomes as proportionately as nothing in relation to the greatest or least finite, if we may so express ourselves… [and] the greatest or least finite becomes nothing relatively to the infinitely great


 and so the mind plunges deeper into the knotty labyrinth and can hardly emerge from it.  For what is the minimum which is the infinitely little?  What is the infinitely little or the infinitely least?… There is no quantity infinitely small.  And quantity must be either finitely least or it must be a Simple of some kind, or the subject must be infinite without prediction of quantity, magnitude, space, extension, form, quality or smallness.


The nearer they are to their simple, the purer are they and the more approaching a superlative perfection …. And it is also a consequence of these premises, that they are capable of moving distinctly .. and further more can make thousands upon thousands of moments in the most distinct manner, while the volume of the grosser element is making a single one and that far from distinct; especially too since the elasticity in the lesser particles is more excellent, pure and perfect amounting in them to the primitive and prime essence of the power


and since there is a contiguity of all the elements, it follows that none of them can be set in motion without the motion being felt in some measure in the others also.  Where there is a contiguum, nothing can exist in one part of it without becoming sensible to a certain extent at the other.  What occurs at one end goes at once by contiguity to the other.

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Swedenborg, Emanuel

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