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Guru Granth - Bilaval 03



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Guru Granth – page 833 Bilaaval, Fourth Mehl

One who eliminates his self centredness and eradicates his ego
night and day sings the songs of the Lord’s love
The Gurmukh is inspired, his body is golden
and his light merges into the Light of the Fearless Lord

Take the support of the Name of the Lord
Har Har
I cannot live for a moment even for an instant
without the Name of the Lord
the Gurmukh reads the Sermon of the Lord
Har Har

In the one house of the body there are ten gates
night and day the five thieves break in
They steal the entire wealth of one’s Dharmic faith
but the blind self-willed manmukh does not know it

The fortress of the body is overflowing with gold and jewels;
when it is awakened by spiritual wisdom
one enshrines love for the essence of reality
The thieves and robbers hide out in the body
through the Word of the Guru’s shabad
they are arrested and locked up

The Name of the Lord
Har Har
is the boat
and the Word of the Guru’s shabad is the boatman
to carry us across
The messenger of death, the tax collector
does not even come close
and no thieves or robbers can plunder you

I continuously sing the glorious praises of the Lord day and night;
singing the Lord’s praises I cannot find his limits
The mind of the Gurmunkh returns to its own home
it meets the Lord of the Universe
to the beat of the celestial drum

Gazing upon the blessed vision of his Darshan with my eyes
my mind is satisfied
with my ears I listen to the Guru’s bani
and the word of his shabad

Listening, listening
my soul is softened
delighted by his subtle essence
chanting the name of the Lord of the Universe


Meditate on the cool water of the Name of the Lord
Perfume yourself with the fragrant scent of the Lord,
the sandalwood  tree

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